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Bob Schofield: Wire Effects Supervisor and Advanced Rigging Specialist

I have worked in the film industry since 1971 with a 100% safety record. I have been vetted and approved by the BBC and vetted and approved by 1st Option Media Safety.

Multiple aspects of Specialist Wire Effects and Advanced Rigging undertaken. I have specialist knowledge of descender rigs, camera rigs, helicopter rigs, flying camera operators with steady cam. Safety wires, wall assisted climbing, vertical rigs. We can design flying rigs to any required specification.

We can supply all types of flying harnesses and also design and make any requirement of harness. All harnesses are made by a Royal Warrant holder.
All crew are Jigs and BECTU registered Advanced Riggers. I supply tested and certificated equipment, tested by A1 ropes and rigging Ltd.

Safety is paramount, Public Liability insurance carried; Risk assessments are always supplied.

Languages Spoken: English


Production Type Year Role Company
Mulberry Commercial 2021
Direct Line Commercial 2021
Burberry Creative Blood Commercial 2021
Burberry 'Open Spaces' Commercial 2021 Riff Raff & MegaForce
Gangs of London 2 TV 2021 Pulse Films
The Rig TV 2021 Wild Mercury