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Bells and Two Tones are run and owned by genuine time-served firefighters and not enthusiasts, we have been supplying Health and Safety Advisers, Fire Cover, Fire Service Action Vehicles, Uniforms and Props for the TV and film industry Since 1989.

We are home to our in-house designed and built “Warm Rain” system, this enables us to heat massive amounts of water in a very short period of time.

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Latest news

COVID Back to work help

Bells and Two Tones has invested in several areas to help get everyone back to work.
We can now offer a disinfectant service for production vehicles, offices, workshops, and sets by using an antiviral fogging solution.
The antiviral solution offers peace of mind as it has a residual effect where it will continue to kill viruses and MRSA for up to 10 days.

One of the best telltale signs if someone has a virus is an elevated temperature. We have invested in several HTSDs (Human Temperature Screening Device). These devices can be placed at the entrance to offices, sets, and canteens, anywhere your staff congregates. It is a stand-alone device that reads everyone’s temperature if one of your staff members has a high temperature an alarm sounds and denies them entrance. HTSDs have full none contact biometrics built-in.

We have placed a small video showing this technology in action on our website. To view this video please go to www.bellsandtwotones.co.uk

Introducing "Warm Rain"

Introducing the Bells & Two Tones Warm Rain System. Here at Bells and Two Tones we have been working for the last 2 years on various designs and ideas on what is the best way to provide warm water for all SFX needs. We are now pleased to announce that we can supply warm water which is portable, economic and above all, safe.
Our system has been designed from the ground up as well as having to be portable we always had safety in mind, we took the decision to get away from high pressure steam boilers and today we can offer a low pressure non-steam setup.
As our bowsers are all insulated we can bring 10,000ltrs or 20,000lts of warm water to your location, should you have a larger than normal requirement for warm water we can bring our whole setup to location and heat the water in situ, at present our 20,000 ltr bowser can be heated on site at the rate of 9 degrees per hour.
Should you require hot water (hot enough for a bath) we can produce a 1000 litres of hot water every 13 mins.