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Bare Arms was created in 2015 to provide the highest quality, comprehensive military support to the theatrical industries and has grown into a multi-faceted company that provides a wide range of services. 

We are the one-stop-shop for military themed productions, supplying technical advisers and specialist performers; armourers and training; vehicles, aircraft and equipment. Our advisers have years of military experience and are matched to suit the needs of a production.

They work with all manner of media through development, production and post to ensure that everything on screen looks as good as possible.  We can get the people, the kit, the locations and the resources to bring any script to life.

We are the creators of the Theatrical Firearms Courses, a series of 3-day courses designed to teach performers to be safe and confident with firearms on screen. Our students set a new standard for weapons safety in the industry.

Languages Spoken: English

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Production Type Year Role
The Capture TV 2018 Military Advisers
Baghdad Central TV 2018 Military Advisers
Bodyguard TV 2018 Specialist Performers
Romeo & Juliet / Richard III (Shakespeare's Rose Theatre - York) Other 2018 Armourers, Military Advisers
Trust Me (Series 2) TV 2018 Military Advisers
18% Grey Film 2018 Armourers, Specialist Performers


Name Role Contact Telephone / Mobile
Ben (Bags) Simmons Armourer Send a message T: 020 3441 9404
M: 07982 453711
Alistair Paton Military Adviser Send a message T: 020 3441 9404