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11 Hillside Gardens
High Wycombe
HP13 7LQ

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Trevor Smith, Managing Director of Animals Work, prides himself on providing any creature for filming, from a house fly to a hippo.

From sourcing and training mice in war-torn Beirut, to providing a lion for a chromakey studio shoot in Norway “ Trevor can do it! He understands that it is not just a case of turning up with the animals and filming them “ You have to know how to get the actions, and that’s all down to experience and understanding animal psychology. You also need a licence to film with animals, which Trevor has “ He is one of a rare breed of animal wranglers with all the right credentials.

Animals Work has an archive of chromakey animal stock shots as well as offering a filming service for the specific shots you require.

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Production Type Year Role
Mulberry Commercial 2014 Animal supply