The Madame Blanc Mysteries indie to adapt Cat/Person podcast

The Madame Blanc Mysteries indie to adapt Cat/Person podcast

Chris Heath and Sue VincentThe Madame Blanc Mysteries indie Saffron Cherry is to adapt Chris Heath’s sitcom podcast Cat/Person for TV.  

Heath is the creator and writer of two series of Milkshake! series The World According To Grandpa, which is also produced by Saffron Cherry.

He has also written BBC Radio 4 sitcom Clement Doesn’t Live Here Anymore and written for comics including Lenny Henry, Marcus Brigstocke, and Paddy McGuinness.  

His podcast is a series of overheard conversations between an unhappy divorcee Matthew, voiced by Heath, and his sarcastic rescue cat Hobson, voiced by Sue Vincent (The Madame Blanc Mysteries, Significant Other) who is all too eager to point out Matthew’s failings.  

The three ep first series launched in April, and new episodes are set to be released weekly on all major podcast platforms from today.  


Managing director of the Manchester-based indie Caroline Roberts-Cherry said: “Chris has a brilliant ability to make his audience laugh and Cat/Person is the latest creation he has brought to Saffron Cherry Productions. We love working with both Chris and Sue, and so this really is the Cat’s Whiskers.” 

Heath said: “It’s stupidly exciting to see what’s next for Cat/Person… It’s picked up a real groundswell through word of mouth and I know there’s no better place to build the show than at Saffron Cherry, with Caroline and Sally.” 

Vincent added: “Cat/Person is the perfect blend of belly laughter and tears. The relationship between a man and his cat is a complex one, especially when it’s a cat with an ego.”

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