Police presence when filming on the move

filming on the move policeHave you ever had to film a moving vehicle via a remote camera arm? Or if you’re on a low budget production, from the boot of a car? If the answer is yes then you might require the presence of the police during the shoot.

Who decides this is The Metropolitan Police Service Film Unit (the MPS Film Unit for short) who annually provide officers for around 600 filming days.

They have put together a handy guide advising what types of on the move filming in London require police presence.

So whether you plan on filming something with a camera mounted on the bonnet of a car or from a motorbike, it’s worth casting your eyes over what they have to say.

The types of ‘on the move’ filming covered in the guide are:

 - A Frame
 - Bonnet and/or side mounted cameras
 - Front or side platforms
 - Low loaders – cars / motorcycles
 - Motorcycle tracking
 - Quad bike tracking
 - Remote camera arm
 - Russian arm
 - Tail gates
 - Tracking vehicles – small / normal / jib arm / telescopic crane arm

The following document outlines each area in more detail, explaining clearly what level of police presence is required and how to go about asking for permission and support from the MPS Film Unit.

The MPS Film Unit manages filming across London and provides officers for location shooting.

Planning on filming without moving vehicles? Then check out the MPS Film Unit’s guide to filming on the streets of London.