Filming with police presence

policeDoes the project you are working on involve a shoot-out on the streets of London? A car chase? A punch-up outside a West End boozer? If the answer is yes then you might need to get in touch with the police to ask for their assistance.

If you are planning to film on the streets of London then do make sure you read this guide first. The Metropolitan Police's Film Unit has put together a document outlining when their presence is required and how they can assist you on a shoot.

Whether you are a location manager on the next Spielberg film, producing a Coca-Cola commercial or working on your first low budget film, this guide is for you.

The MPS Film Unit manages filming across London and provides officers for location shooting. Annually the Film Unit provides officers for approximately 600 filming days.

When on location in London, there are seven types of filming that may need a police presence.

These are:

Filming with weapons
Filming with replica / imitation / airsoft firearms
Filming with actors / extras in police uniform
Filming with replica / fake police vehicles
Filming scenes of crime or violence
Filming real or perceived nudity
Filming with issues of public safety

The following document outlines each area in more detail, explaining clearly what level of police presence is required and how to go about asking for permission and support from the MPS Film Unit.