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Steadicam™ Owner/Operator and A/B camera operator with a decade of specialist Steadicam™ experience. Having worked and enjoyed the entire gamut of projects from high end feature films and commercials to low budget and ambitious music videos and short films. Friendly help and advice at every turn.
I own top of the range Steadicam™ and MK-V kit with the strongest and most versatile arm in the business. Capable of operating cameras from Dual 3D Alexa mirror rigs through Imax cameras and 35mm down to tiny Canon 5D’s and 7D’s. I come to all jobs prepared for anything.
As an operator I am well practised at remote heads, jimmy jib, handheld and underwater.

I can offer advice on all types of Steadicam, Steadycam, Glidecam rigs and Tango rigs available.

Steadicam™ and Steadicam™ Tango rig
MK-V Modular Rig
Options of Colour LCD screen and Green Screen
Wireless video and Radio Follow Focus
Vehicle mount, gyros, windbreaks, magliners, downconverters, directors monitors and many many other accessories.

Languages Spoken: French

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Production Type Year Role
Utopia TV 2012 Steadicam Operator
Welcome To The Punch Film 2011 Steadicam Operator
TT3D Film 2010 Steadicam Operator