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The Kensington Centre
66 Hammersmith Road
W14 8UD

About Us

We are an independent, provider of serviced apartments for the TV,  TV, and Stage Industry.

The Apartment Network has an in-depth knowledge of working on and with the Film and TV industry. In our staff, we have people who have worked on film and TV sets, such as The peep Show, Midsummer Murders, Ultimate Force and Children of men, to name but a few. So we understand your needs and requirements.
We have a huge range of fantastic serviced apartments locations across the UK, Europe and worldwide. From fully staffed apart-hotels to luxury 5 star serviced apartments to your simple studios, we offer apartments to suit all budgets.
Exceptional service from an experienced team of consultants to guide you through every step of the process.  We’ve been dedicated to helping our clients find their perfect serviced apartment for nearly two decades.

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Featured Apartment: Liverpool Street 2 bed 2 bath #city #london #apartments https://t.co/MDAUjtpET3 https://t.co/7Z7Q4LtXrH


Production Type Year Role
Pinewood Studios Film 2017 Serviced Apartments- West London (1259 room nights)
Theatre Other 2016 Serviced Apartments - London (69 room nights)
BBB Worldwide Documentary 2016 Serviced Apartments - London (617 room nights)
Kingsman 2 TV 2016 Serviced Apartments - Richmond (571 room nights)
One Born Every Minute TV 2013 Serviced Apartments - Bristol (156 room nights)
One Born Every minute TV 2012 Serviced Apartments - Leeds (1051 room nights)


Name Role
Liz Devaney Sales Director
Giles Walker Managing Director