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Snow Business has been creating artificial snow for the movie, television and entertainment industries for 30 years.

Our snow effects have been used in many film productions, winter themed events and visual merchandising displays.

We work all over the world and have local representation in over 20 countries.

From a single snowflake to a terrifying avalanche, from gentle snowfall to an arctic blizzard, you need look no further!

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Twitter @artificialsnow

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Production Type Year Role
The Monuments Men Film 2013 Snow Effects
The Book Thief Film 2013 Snow Effects
Weihnachten... ohne mich, mein Schatz! TV 2012 Special Effects Company
Bissige Hunde TV 2012 Special Effects Company
The Door Film 2012 Special Effects Company
Dolfje Weerwolfje Film 2011 Special Effects Company