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Organic food, delivered fresh to your shoot. Our delicacies don’t just fill you up – the nutritional benefits of eating well will keep your team on point for the rest of the day.

Catering is our speciality, having served conferences, parties, corporate events and, of course, production companies. Our range of salads, sandwiches, jacket potatoes, breakfasts, dinners (and more!) satisfies and delights.

All our options are entirely bespoke to your needs.

We can cater to a theme, provide excellent Fairtrade coffee and tea, provide copious amounts of cakes and source drinks of all descriptions to satiate thirst. Or perhaps you prefer a platter of nibbles,  fresh fruit, falafel and hummus, dipping bread. Whatever the solution, we will fit perfectly into your schedule.

Previous clients include the University of Oxford, the Skoll World Forum 2015, and film and TV shoots, big and small.

We cater to any location in Great Britain.

Languages Spoken: English

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Twitter @www.twitter.com/organicoxford?lang=en


Production Type Year Role
Skoll World Forum Productions Other 2016 Caterer for VVIP guests
Skoll World Forum Productions Other 2015 Caterer for VVIP guests
Ted Oxford Promo 2015 External Caterer