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spects of the worldwide audiovisual industry have changed
significantly since I started making films and television
more than 40 years ago. One of the most significant
changes is the proliferation of global tax reliefs and production
incentives. The success of the UK’s Creative Sector Tax Reliefs in
attracting major film and television production to Great Britain
and Northern Ireland has been well documented, but it serves only
to keep the UK on a relatively level playing field with competitors.
Given that situation, it is our world-class creative talent, our tech-
nical crews and craftspeople, plus our studios, post and VFX infra-
structure, that give the UK the edge over global competitors.
As the 2016 BAFTAs, Oscars and Golden Globes demonstrate,
the UK holds its own when it comes to award-winning talent,
above and below the line and across all categories. You’ll find
interviews with some of the British winners and nominees in the
following pages. I know, better than most, the versatility, tenacity
and pure skill of British cast and crew. Wherever I am in the world,
whatever the project, I bring with me a core group of British talent.
The UK also leads the way in terms of its physical infrastructure.
We are seeing much-needed studio expansions, conversions and
new builds throughout the UK to accommodate the ever-more
ambitious film and high-end television projects that choose to
base themselves in the UK’s regions and nations. In addition, we
continue to compete globally at the very highest level in visual
effects; British teams have been nominated for the Academy
Award for Visual Effects in 10 out of the last 11 years, winning six
times —most recently, this year.
UK in Focus
profiles just a few of the areas in which the UK
excels: highlighting the emerging British talent of whom we’ll be
seeing more in the future, showcasing major feature and televi-
sion titles produced in the UK and speaking to some of the British
individuals and companies that have made it all happen— includ-
ing the British Film Commission whose support I have relied on
more than once.
These are exciting times for the UK film and television industry
and those lucky enough to be part of it. I am proud to count myself
among that number.
Sir Ridley Scott
Our world-class
creative talent, our
technical crews
and craftspeople,
plus our studios,
postand VFX
infrastructure give
the UK the edge over
global competitors
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