Dock10 launches virtual service

Dock 10

Dock10 at MediaCityUK in Manchester has launched a virtual production service that is the first of its kind to be made available by a major UK TV studio.

The 4K Ultra HD-ready set-up is a green-screen studio space that enables the creation of instant photo-realistic virtual sets around a presenter and can combine physical set elements with digital visual effects. 

Clients will be able to design sets using pre-made ‘assets’ or they will be able to import set designs of their own making created using 3D modelling software packages.

The virtual technology comes in part from advancements in the gaming industry and so specialists from the gaming world are now part of the dock10 team.

“There are so many cost savings in having a virtual rather than a real set, as it eliminates transportation, storage and rig/derig costs,” said Andy Waters, head of studios at dock10, in comments to Broadcast. 

“We recognised that advances in gaming technology could be used to drive a significant leap forward for virtual studios, with the ability to build otherwise impossible sets, opening up a world of exciting new possibilities for all programme-makers.”

Dock10 has recently hosted shows including the BBC’s entertainment format All Together Now, and earlier this year extended a production contract with ITV.

Image: Dock 10


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