Strike Back filming in Croatia

A new series of action drama Strike Back is filming in Croatia for Sky and Cinemax.

Produced by Left Bank Pictures, the show follows an elite team of military operatives as they take on global threats.

The drama was first launched in 2010 and has filmed around the world, with South Africa a key location for the earlier series.

Strike Back

Strike Back's most recent series, subtitled Revolution, screened earlier this year following the franchise's first Malaysian shoot (pictured above).

While much of the story was set in the south-east Asian country, various locations were also used as doubles for India, Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, Russia and Azerbaijan.

Strike Back is renowned for its commitment to military realism, with the cast undergoing tactical weapons training throughout the production process.

Paul Biddiss is a UK-based military technical consultant – with recent credits including Wonder Woman 1984 and Catherine the Great – who was involved with the Malaysia shoot for Revolution. 

His work included advising on a running gun battle that was filmed in Johor Bahru near the border with Singapore as an ambitious single shot lasting nearly four and a half minutes (see clip below).

“We all worked on the location immediately,” says Biddiss, in comments to The Knowledge. “Bill Eagles directing, along with the camera and focus puller including sound and effects. [I] ran the course and I would make tactical suggestions as we moved along – the crew would be making their adjustments and notes along the way."



“[There was] one day’s rehearsal, then a few days for the other departments to set it up. The cast were then brought on, watched our rehearsal, then rehearsed it themselves. After a few dry runs they went for it and smashed it each time.”

While the weapons used during the shoot fire blanks, these could still be dangerous at close-quarters and measures needed to be taken to make sure nobody was injured.

“The armoury department would give guidance on safety distances of three to five metres and advise on hot shell cases ejecting and bouncing off walls,” says Biddiss. 

“They would also provide protection for the camera and focus puller so they could move without getting badly burnt.”

To read The Knowledge’s full behind-the-scenes look at the Malaysia shoot for Strike Back: Revolution, click here.  


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