ScreenSkills tackling crew skills shortage


ScreenSkills is working with Pinewood Studios to address the skills shortage in the UK’s production industry by encouraging a transfer of expertise.

Individuals living or working near Pinewood’s Buckinghamshire site are being invited to apply for an introductory weekend if they have existing expertise or experience that could be transferred to film or TV production, and specifically for art, locations, costume, construction or accounts.

Pinewood will host an introductory weekend on 8 and 9 June this year that will include industry panels and hands-on workshops, and then a networking event will be held, also at Pinewood, on 26 June.

Additional events of the same sort will be held for the rest of the year.

The BFI is supporting the programme as part of its National Lottery funded Future Film Skills Strategy that has been set up with the aim of recruiting 10,000 new skilled crew for the UK’s screen sectors by 2022.

“We know that there are many roles within film that have their counterparts outside the industry,” said Gareth Ellis-Unwin, head of film and animation at ScreenSkills.

“This initiative aims to encourage people with expertise we need to take up opportunities to work in film. We hope that there will be many who are excited to learn about the options and share their skills.”

ScreenSkills recently held an information session at Pinewood for former Armed Forces personnel considering transferring their skills to location work or unit management in film and TV production.

To apply for June's skills transfer weekend click here.


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