Drones benefitting nature filming

One Planet

David Attenborough and BBC Natural History Unit executives have described drones as having the biggest technical impact on wildlife filming over the past decade.

Attenborough spoke at a BBC Studios event in Liverpool promoting the corporation’s upcoming documentary co-production series One Planet: Seven Worlds, Broadcast reports.

The broadcaster and his colleagues talked about how drones’ reduced noise levels and low-impact rotors make them preferable to capturing aerial footage from helicopters.  

“It’s given us a brand new perspective,” said Jonny Keeling, an executive producer on the new show, in comments reported by Broadcast.

“They fly further for longer than ever before and now the quality of the images is incredible.

"We still want to be situated right where the action is taking place, but drones have helped us to reach those places.”

Keeling added that the production team had hired separate drone operators on each continent for the One Planet shoot.

Image: BBC


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