Sky drama Little Birds to film in Manchester


Sky’s period drama Little Birds is set to film in Manchester and Spain from this March.

Set in Tangier in 1955, the six-part story follows an American woman who embraces the bohemian ways of the Moroccan city as she relishes independence from her family and carves out her own identity.

Little Birds is being made by Warp Films. The drama is written by Sophia Al-Maria and will be directed by Stacie Passon.

“Warp Films is truly excited at the opportunity afforded by Sky and our distributor ITV Studios Global Entertainment to welcome viewers to the vivid, provocative and entertaining world of Little Birds,” said Ruth McCance, an executive producer on the drama.

At the time the story is set, Tangier was a specially-designated ‘international zone’ as the result of a decades-long control dispute between Spain, France and the UK.

Manchester remains a popular UK filming location, frequently standing in for London story settings as well as appearing as itself. 


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