Stowe filming for Slaughterhouse Rulez

Slaughterhouse Rulez

Crispian Mills’ monster movie Slaughterhouse Rulez used the real-life Stowe School in Buckingham as a key filming location.

The story follows students at an illustrious public school in England as they’re terrorised by monsters unleashed through a nearby fracking project. Michael Sheen stars and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost also make appearances.

While the story takes place in Slaughterhouse and its ground, Mills and his team spent just a few days shooting at Stowe over a six-week filming schedule.

“The plan was always to film at Stowe,” says Aurelia Thomas, the movie’s location manager, in comments to The Knowledge.

“Crispian actually went to school there, as did his director of photography John de Borman, and several members of my own family went there too. 

“Those connections helped secure us a week of summer filming at the school between bookings for a golf tournament and a wedding!”

Over the course of the week, the team shot what Aurelia Thomas refers to as “nice big vistas” of the exterior of the school, while interiors included the renowned ovular Marble Hall.

“Stowe is one of the ultimate classical schools with impressive Palladian architecture, which Crispian wanted rather than anything Gothic,” says Aurelia.

With Stowe being around a two-hour drive from the movie’s London production base, the crew stayed in nearby Milton Keynes during the shoot.

Windsor Great Park just west of London became the location for the fracking hole from where the movie’s monsters emerge. The production team got permission from landowner The Crown Estate to dig a shallow hole, which was digitally deepened in post-production.   

Chislehurst Caves in south-east London stood in for a network of sinister tunnels that in the context of the story are beneath the main Slaughterhouse building.

The caves have been used as filming locations before and have even featured as music venues, with both Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie having staged gigs there.

The Slaughterhouse Rulez team used HDS Studios in Hayes as their production base.

Image: Nick Wall/Sony


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