Production spending in UK reaches £1.5bn

Star Wars

Spending from international films and TV series, or inward investment, has dominated the UK’s industry so far this year, accounting for well over £1bn of an overall £1.5bn.

Despite the dominance of inward investment productions, there was nonethelss a decline in the number of international films that started shooting in the UK between January and September – 29 compared to 70 over the same period last year, according to new BFI figures.

However, this fall was in part due to bumper figures for the same period in 2017, and because of several major films having their UK shoots rescheduled. 

JJ Abrams' Star Wars: Episode IX, Elton John movie Rocketman and Downton Abbey are among the high-profile movie titles that have started shooting in the UK in recent months.

The year has been stronger for international TV shoots, with 41 productions spending a record £502m, while 35 UK television shoots spent almost exactly half that figure at £253m.   

It’s also been a strong year for UK features, which set a record collective spending figure of £229m, most of which came from films with budgets over £500,000.

Television shoots shifting into production this year have included Series 3 of The Crown, Series 2 of Killing Eve and The Dublin Murders.

Editorial note (2/11/18): This article has been amended to contextualise the decrease in international feature production.  

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