Mazda films ad campaign in Highlands

Mazda worked with Antidote, Carnage Films and LS Productions to film a new commercial campaign on location in the Scottish Highlands.

Together Is A Wonderful Place To Be comprises a series of 20-second shorts and shows couples and families enjoying drives in scenic parts of Scotland.


Production spanned just two days and focussed on key spots along the North Coast 500 (NC500) route, a circuit that in fact follows a 516-mile coastal road around Scotland’s northern tip from Inverness Castle.

Carnage Films specialises in shooting cars and vehicles, and operates from a base in London.

Amy Morement, a location manager with LS Productions, found the precise filming areas using her own knowledge of the route and by liaising with the Highland Council. Senior producer Ellen De Faux was in charge of the overall logistics.

“The production required multiple locations, such as a beach that we could drive a car on, a farm with Highland cows, a road beside a meadow and a loch-side road,” said Morement.  

“We had to pinpoint the best areas that avoided extensive unit moves and one beach immediately sprung to mind."

Mazda in Scotland

“I used the area between the beach and one of the most famous views of NC500 as a starting point for our location research," said Morement. "It required a lot of scouting, detailed research into land owners and conversations with local council and police, but we work incredibly hard at maintaining relationships across Scotland so it all came together seamlessly.”

The production team’s level of detail included negotiating with local farmers to ensure that Highland cows were out in the fields to provide backgrounds for specific shots.

Often there were three separate units working on location to enable the team to get all the footage they needed in the limited timeframe. Luckily the weather was on their side as the shoot coincided with five straight days of cloudless skies.

“Shooting in Scotland at this time of year is a true joy – daylight hours are long with stunning light and the golden hour just keeps going,” said De Faux.

To view the spots click here.

Brand: Mazda
Agency: Antidote
Creative Director: Tim Ashton
Production Company: Carnage Films
Director: Tom Barbor-Might
Executive Producer: David van der Gaag
Producer: Neil Edson
Production Service and Locations: LS Productions
Senior Producer (LS Productions): Ellen De Faux


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