Gerard Butler action sequel to film in London

Olympus Has FallenAction sequel Angel Has Fallen is set to film in London and Bulgaria, with Gerard Butler returning as a dedicated Secret Service agent. 

Millennium Films is producing the movie that will follow Butler’s tireless agent Mike Banning as he fights terrorists on board the US president’s plane Air Force One.

Angel Has Fallen is the third in the franchise featuring Butler as Banning, following Olympus Has Fallen, which was a similar premise but set in the White House, and London Has Fallen, which pitched Banning against villains in the English capital. ‘Angel’ is the classified call name for Air Force One. 

Pinewood Studios will be the UK production base for Angel Has Fallen, but the movie will shoot additional scenes on location in Bulgaria and at Nu Boyana Studios, which also hosted parts of both of Butler's previous Fallen movies.

The rebooted Star Wars franchise has been based at Pinewood for the past few years and the facility has also recently hosted The Mummy and Assassin’s Creed

Images: Phil Caruso/FilmDistrict


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