Cumberbatch films Glasgow as NYC

Patrick MelroseBenedict Cumberbatch is filming Glasgow as New York City for his TV drama Patrick Melrose.

Produced by Two Cities Television and Cumberbatch’s own company SunnyMarch for Sky Atlantic and Showtime, the series is based on semi-autobiographical novels by Edward St Aubyn about the turbulent life of an aristocratic playboy.

Glasgow is a suitable stand-in for US cities due to its grid system of streets.

Set dressing for Patrick Melrose has included US-style payphones, yellow New York City cabs, street signage and American flags on selected public buildings.

The city famously doubled for Philadelphia during several weeks of filming for Brad Pitt’s 2013 zombie thriller World War Z, and for San Francisco in the sci-fi movie Cloud Atlas.

Patrick Melrose has been in production since August, with additional locations set to include London and the south of France. 


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