Production Guild to improve UK engagement

Production Guild

The Production Guild of Great Britain will step up its efforts to engage more directly with production professionals in the UK’s nations and regions.

Fiona Francombe is site director of The Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol and is one of four industry veterans to be co-opted by the guild’s board.

She will take charge of ensuring that the board is better informed about issues affecting guild members around the UK.

“Historically, I think there's been an impression that industry support is London-centric and predominantly focused on supporting film production,” said Francombe. 

“Coming from a regional background in television production myself, I know that different parts of the country face varying opportunities and obstacles. 

“I’m keen to hear the views of members working outside London, to get a sense of common challenges faced in local areas. That way we can build a picture from the perspective of those working on the ground and hear ideas about how the Production Guild can most effectively serve members in the regions.”  

The guild also announced the election of two new board members. Alex Boden is an independent producer and founder of Pistachio Pictures, whose industry credits include Sense8 and Cloud Atlas from the Wachowski siblings. Natalie Moore is a finance executive for Warner Bros. and a veteran of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk and Stephen Knight’s Locke.

Shifting more focus to the UK’s nations and regions is becoming a greater industry priority. Last week Ofcom announced that the BBC will have to ensure at least half of its programming is produced outside London from next year.


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