Outlander Series 4 filming in Scotland


A fourth series of the historical drama Outlander has started filming on location in Scotland.

Based on novels by Diana Gabaldon, the series follows a married nurse living during the Second World War who is thrown back in time to mid-18th century Scotland, where she has a romance with a Highlands warrior.

Produced by Left Bank Pictures and Tall Ship Productions for US cable channel Starz, the show is based at Wardpark Studios, a converted production facility in Cumbernauld near Glasgow, but the drama has also filmed on location in South Africa in recent series. 

Production Intelligence subscribers can log in now for details of Outlander’s heads of department, including the producer, production co-ordinator, casting director and location manager.

Scotland is currently in the international spotlight as the filming location for Outlaw King, a major upcoming feature about 14th century Scots monarch Robert the Bruce, which stars US actor Chris Pine and is being directed by David Mackenzie.

The Outlaw King shoot will help build on the success Scotland found hosting superhero sequel Avengers: Infinity War earlier this year. Marvel producers spent around £10m shooting in Edinburgh, in a major boost for the city.

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Outlander images: Starz


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