Unaired show already Twofour sales hit

ITVTwofour’s upcoming ITV ‘time travel’ show This Time Next Year is already a big sales hit despite not launching in the UK until October.

The concept has already inspired buyers, Twofour revealed at the Edinburgh International Television Festival.

Davina McCall fronts the studio production that introduces members of the public with specific goals, such as losing weight, getting a novel published or going on a date for the first time in decades.

The participants then leave the studio to return on the audience's screen seconds later, but a year will have passed for them.

Filming for the ‘This Time’ segments took place in September last year and the ‘Next Year’ scenes were shot earlier this month.

The strength of the concept alone has already produced international sales along with a multitude of option agreements that Twofour admitted puts massive pressure on the show to perform. 

At the same event, the major UK broadcasters reiterated their desire for returnable series. They also echoed comments from Jay Hunt, chief creative officer at Channel 4, from yesterday that they were willing to nurture and develop shows that perhaps don’t meet expectations when first launched.

The emphasis was on focussing what broadcasters like about lower-rated fledgling series - be it the talent, the underlying concept or something else entirely – and building on that to ultimately find success.

As Hunt said in her panel discussion yesterday at the festival: “Collectively, we’re reluctant to talk about failure.” 


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