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4 Green Courts
WA14 2SR

About Us

Agricultural and Hunting Supplies for Screen

Driven by a passion for nature, Wainwright Countryside pride themselves on providing the most natural and era-specific agricultural & hunting supplies your film or TV set may need. We believe that audience’s expectations of ‘true’ and ‘life-like’ visuals should be met, and that artificial products can’t do real life items justice.

Our experience in this has included:

- Deer, geese and rabbit carcasses
- Firewood
- Historically accurate cut timber (hand cut)
- Mature trees
- Earthworks & Hard Landscaping
- Hunting supplies and advice

Languages Spoken: English


Production Type Year Role
The ABC Murders TV 2018 Prop Supplier
Victoria TV 2018 Prop Supplier
The Secret Garden (Feature) Film 2018 Prop Maker
Tolkien (Feature) Film 2018 Prop Supplier
The War Of The Worlds TV 2018 Prop Maker
Wanderlust TV 2018 Prop Supplier


Name Role Contact Telephone / Mobile
Alex Corkill Director M: 07966 490951
Jack Priest Logistics & Admin Send a message M: 07966 490961
Richard Wainwright Co-Director Send a message M: 07966 490951