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The BP Video Library features 10,500 films and tapes spanning 100 years. It covers BP’s operations around the world (exploration and production, refining and marketing). Stock footage includes landscapes/cityscapes, world events, travelogues and energy-related material and global TV commercials.

The collection also features the 1960s Trade Test series. The films were first screened in 1964 to test black and white 625 line broadcasts in the run-up to BBC2’s opening night and as the channel began colour broadcasts. In 1973 the last Trade Test film to be shown on the BBC was BP’s Oscar-winner; Giuseppina. Also included are The Home Made Car, Shadow of Progress and Tide of Traffic and many others.

The Castrol motor-racing archive boasts hundreds of motor sport-related films produced over fifty years, including famous races such as the European Grand Prix, Formula 1, Nurburgring, with celebrated drivers such as Sterling Moss, Juan Manuel Fangio and more.

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