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Whether you need numbing cold, searing heat, foreboding fog, torrential downpours, light showers, monsoon deluges, blizzards or anything else, Agog SFX are your source for atmospheric effects. Pyrotechnics are no challenge for us either as we can offer an array of controlled, explosions, fire and smoke effects too.

AGOG SFX, has been creating physical and practical special effects for 20+ years. From eye popping pyrotechnic effects to creating heightened atmospheric conditions, such as; rain, snow, mist and fog special effects that blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings. We have created billowing smoke effects or fire flame special effects from a single match to flame throwers throwing a 30 metre flame or an oil platform that’s engulfed! We design and build mechanical rigs to move anything from a tea-spoon to a 100 ft ship keeling over or even build floating platforms (ice breakaways) that have exceeded 150 ft in length. And the occasional prop builds from traditional ships cannon’s that propel footballs to full size remote controlled WW2 Tanks!

In an increasingly budget-conscious industry that requires ever more resourcefulness in thinking. We provide production companies with positive and creative solutions for all physical special effects, providing safe workable solutions to pyrotechnic, fire and atmospheric effects, the design and manufacture of mechanical rigs, action and props, model-making and sculpture. You will find our effects are innovative, our approach is pragmatic and quality foremost and our pricing is unbeatable!

A question we are often asked… do you have you own equipment; yes, Agog has amassed close to million pounds worth of effects equipment over the years whether it is one of 42 smoke machines or 22 wind machines! from the pump the size of your finger or a hydraulic pump the size of a shipping container, we probably have it!

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Its, great when a director emails photo reference for a SpFX sequence detailing some of your previous work.



Production Type Year Role
Seed of Chucky Film 2004 SFX Supervisor
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Film 2005 SFX Supervisor/Senior Tech
PU 239 Film 2006 SFX Supervisor
The Hills Have Eyes Film 2007 SFX Supervisor
Mirrors Film 2008 SFX Supervisor
A Bigger Splash Film 2015 SFX Supervisor