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Agog SFX incorporates all aspects of physical and practical special effects providing safe workable solutions to pyrotechnic, fire and atmospheric special effects, mechanical rigs, action and traditional props, model-making and sculpture.

We provide production companies with positive and creative solutions. In an ever increasingly budget-conscious industry that requires ever more resourcefulness in thinking and problem solving. You will find our special effects are innovative and our approach is pragmatic.

Languages Spoken: English

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Twitter @agogsfx

Its, great when a director emails photo reference for a SpFX sequence detailing some of your previous work.



Production Type Year Role
800 (Ba bai) Film 2018 SFX Supervisor
Papillion Film 2017 Special Effects Supervisor
Balletboyz “Young Men” Film 2016 SFX Supervisor
A Bigger Splash Film 2015 SFX Supervisor
The Imitation Game Film 2014 SFX Supervisor
The Invisible Woman Film 2013 SFX Supervisor


Name Role Contact
Harry Troughton Technician Send a message
Jason Troughton SFX Supervisor Send a message