Whistleblower movie filming in Yorkshire


True-life whistleblower movie Official Secrets has started filming in Yorkshire, with Keira Knightley and Matt Smith among the leads.

The film tells the story of Katharine Gun, a GCHQ translator who leaked confidential information from clandestine US entity the National Security Agency in 2003 as the US and UK governments prepared their case for the invasion of Iraq. 

Gun was prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act, which gives the film its title.

The movie is directed and co-written by Gavin Hood, who has form with politically-slanted stories.

He previously helmed drone warfare story Eye in the Sky and also Rendition, which focussed on the secretive and controversial American policy of abducting and interrogating terror suspects through ‘extraordinary rendition’.

Official Secrets is being overseen Raindog Films – co-run by Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth – and by Entertainment One. The movie is part-financed by Screen Yorkshire.

Production Intelligence subscribers can log in now for details of the key crew. 

Image: FreeImages.com/Andrew Smith


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