The Crown Series 2 filmed in Aviemore

The CrownThe second series of Netflix drama The Crown used Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands as a production base, with estates in the area standing in for Balmoral.

Series Two charts the developing relationship between the Queen and Prince Philip over a decade or so from 1955, against a backdrop of international events including the Suez Crisis.

“Everybody wants to see the Queen in a dramatic Scottish highland setting,” said Pat Karam, supervising location manager on The Crown, in comments to the Herald Scotland.

“The places we go to are chosen because of their dramatic visual value so the cast and crew always really like going to Scotland because it’s so beautiful. We go to work in places people go on holiday so everyone’s very keen.

“Everyone knows, particularly in Scotland, how fond the Queen is of Balmoral. It’s not really something you can double in England. We have shot some interiors in London but it would be impossible to duplicate the exteriors, or it would be rubbish if you did.”

Aviemore is an established tourist town in the Cairngorms National Park and offered the scenery producers were looking for, as well as suitable accommodation for 300 cast and crew.

Scotland’s production profile continues to grow and Wardpark Studios near Glasgow recently announced plans to expand in 2018.

Glasgow’s grid layout of streets makes it a popular double for US cities – it recently stood in for New York for Benedict Cumberbatch’s upcoming drama Patrick Melrose

Images: Netflix


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