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Three Tuns House
109 Borough High Street

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Take Note is a notetaking and transcription company based in Borough, London. We offer the following services.

1. TRANSCRIPTION: You send us your recorded audio / video files of focus groups / interviews / phone calls / rushes / edited programmes via our on-line portal and we type this up and return to you as word/excel documents within 48 hours of receiving the audio. Transcription can be done verbatim, intelligent, time-coded, summary including summary, notes & quotes. We offer two types of post-production transcript.

2. NOTETAKING / MINUTES : Where we send you a notetaker with a laptop (all who type 85wpm+) and they type a near verbatim account of who said what and what was said over the course of a live session.

3. Recorded Telephone Line : We have our own hosted telephone line where you can call interviewees or simply dictate. The call is recorded and then sent to us for transcription offering us excellent audio quality for the best transcripts.

What makes us different? The level of service you will receive. Our team is highly efficient and very friendly. We are on emails 24/7 and don’t mind being contacted out of hours. We work over the weekends (including bank holidays) at no additional charge.

The size of our team enables us to handle large projects on fast turnaround and our typists are carefully sourced to ensure a high level of accuracy. Our prices have been carefully researched and we offer a price match guarantee. 2013 has seen us bring in a bespoke bookings system, the Take Note Portal, where clients can open projects, add audio, monitor costs, track progress and receive & store their files.

You Talk, We Type.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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