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Via Giuseppe Ferrari 1/a

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Sound Art 23 is located in central Rome, minutes away from Lepanto metro. We have been operating in the post-production industry for over 30 years, providing services in dubbing, ADR, video editing, sound editing and mixing for film, television and commercials. Our spacious studios also offer a 40-seat screening theatre for 35mm and HD projections. Our mixing theatres are equipped with AMS-Neve consoles and all our ADR stages have Pro-tools systems. For our cutting rooms we offer both AVID Media Composer and Final Cut.

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Production Type Year Role
Paris - Manhattan Film 2012 Italian Dubbing
A Gifted Man TV 2012 Italian Dubbing
Ninja Go! TV 2012 Italian Dubbing
A Single Man Film 2010 Italian Dubbing
The Departed Film 2006 Italian Dubbing
Lost in Translation Film 2004 Italian Dubbing


Name Role Contact
Elisabetta Bucciarelli CEO
Marzia Dal Fabbro International Relations Manager Send a message