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7-9 Building 4
Palikha Street

About Us

Soar Productions is a production company, operating in all ex-USSR countries

We provide full scale production and preproduction services, facilitating and fixing in all ex-USSR countries, including Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Ukraine.

Managed by CEO Stanislav Solovkin, Soar Productions unites a team of TV and film professionals, who we a part in multiple award-winning shows, including Amazing Race, Deal or No Deal, Star Academy, Survivor, Top Gear, Wipe Out, Conan and many others.

Soar Productions works for all international customers, regardless the size of their budgets and the level of their demands. We just do it

Languages Spoken: English, Hebrew, Russian

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Production Type Year Role
Ancient Aliens (Season 11 ep 12) TV 2016 Local Producer
Secret Eats with Adam Richman TV 2016 Local Producer
DNA Nation TV 2016 Local Producer
Crossroads 2000 Years on the Silk Road TV 2016 Local Producer
Dil Hai Hindustani auditions TV 2016 Local Producer
Chelsea (Season 1 ep 3) TV 2016 Local Producer