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Langlebury School Campus
Langlebury Lane
Hunton Bridge

About Us

Makin Locations are the leading movie and television location support company based in the UK. Providing a comprehensive range of solutions and services to film sets across the UK and internationally, we are trusted by hundreds of clients worldwide. We have over 15 years experience working alongside top production companies and producers and are ready to meet your every need.
Our vast range of services include:

Crowd and Unit Bases

Vehicles and Trailers

Marquees and Tents

Easy Ups and Shelter

Hair and Makeup Equipment

Wardrobe Equipment

Catering Equipment


Generators and Power

Air Conditioning

Fencing and Barriers

Water and Waste

And many, many more!

Cant find what youre looking for? Not to worry! We can help accommodate for just about any request received - give us a call and well talk through how we can help you.

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Production Type Year Role
Kingsman 2- The Golden Circle Film 2016 Supplier of 4x4s for Kit movement and of Marquees for crowd bases and workshops

Latest news

Herding Frogs!!

Been having a fun time in Scotland.  Several crowd bases in and around the Highlands backed up by our 4x4 drivers.

Phone signal up there is less than perfect and as you can imagine controlling a couple of dozen 4x4 drivers has been like trying to round up frogs with a sheep dog but we managed…....

Back to more Southernly climes at the end of the week!!

Workshop Space Available near Leavesden Studios

With Golden Circle now well into photography they’re finishing with their workshop base with us here at Langlebury Mansion.
Ideal for Leavesden we have 2 900sqm workshop marquees and a smaller 360sqm workshop marquee on site
Couple this with the facilities available at the school with smaller workshop areas and office space and it’d make an ideal production base for even the largest feature.
Contact Darren on 07568 128400 or Steve at the Mansion on 07919 626971 for details