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Room 63
E Block
Pinewood Studios
Pinewood Road
Iver Heath

About Us

We are a professional company based in Pinewood Studios, specialising in flying wire effects and rigging for sfx, stunts and camera departments for the entertainment industry.
One of the UK’s premier wire effects companies, offering an innovative service alongside full consultancy to leading high profile Corporations including film and TV Studios, production, entertainment, mod (military of defence), NASA, British Aerospace and Astrium - Global Satellite Communications.
We communicate your ideas, providing solutions and making them a reality and are designers of state of the art “velocity software” that motivates - Precision high speed winch systems, exclusive to SWR ltd.



Production Type Year
Hugo Film 2011
Snow White and the Huntsmen Film 2011
World War Z Film 2011
Prometheus Film 2011
Wrath of the Titans Film 2011
Dark Shadows Film 2011