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24 Grigore Mora Street

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We are Family Film, the best production services company you will find in Romania.

In our short existence we have positively impressed clients from Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, USA, India or Japan. And that`s because we always aim to deliver beautiful, creative work and products that move people.

In less than 3 years, Family Film got distinguished amongst the other Romanian production companies by offering top quality services in pre-production (budgeting, location scouting, casting, concept, set construction and design), as well as in shooting and post-production services for various local and international clients.

We always care about you and your money. Therefore, we find the best solutions for every budget and adapt our assets to each client’s needs. We`ll give our best to make your stay and shoot in Romania a memorable one!

We cherish a strong relationship and commitment to our clients. That’s why Family Film crew guarantees high quality standards and a professional manner of solving problems, aiming to meet all expectations of cost effectiveness and quality.

As one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, Romania’s scenery offers a wide variety of filming locations at the lowest production services rates. The production services provided deliver top quality outcome with no extra costs for weekends, bank holidays or night shoots. Further convenience comes with the fact that Romanian authorities do not require work permits for foreign crews. Also, a significant advantage of shooting in Romania is the fast-track permitting process to shoot mostly anywhere at very low location costs. Even without any tax incentives so far, Romania is one of the most attractive destinations for filmmaking.

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Production Type
Inovative Biscuits Commercial
Pepsi Football Commercial
iZettle Commercial
Pierre Choueiri Other
AFA Commercial
OnePlus 5 - Amazon Commercial