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I’ve been a working Illustrator for over 6 years, and in that time I have worked as a storyboarder, concept artist and character designer.

I’ve experience in storyboarding films, commercials, music videos, pitches and corporate films. I can work fast and in a number of styles depending on the brief, from pencil, to ink and colour.

As a freelancer I can be flexible with time, from shorter deadlines to longer jobs going over months. I’m willing to travel to wherever the job needs me, but can also work remotely and autonomously.

Languages Spoken: English

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Twitter @DarkMechanic

RT @postcrunk: artists: you have to make enough money from your art to survive, then make enough to be seen as legitimate, but not so much…


Production Type Year Role
Slumber Film 2015 Storyboarder
Brotherhood 3 Film 2015 Storyboarder
The Anomaly Film 2013 Storyboarder